Junior London Solicitors Litigation Association

About Us

The Junior LSLA was created in Summer 2011 to represent the interests of junior civil litigators in London, to provide an environment for learning and social interaction, and to assist junior practitioners to develop their own practices.

The Junior LSLA puts on a number of events for its members and their guests throughout the year. These include seminars, social events with junior bar groups and an annual dinner.

The LSLA itself is a highly regarded organisation, with members throughout London among all the major litigation practices. As part of its role as a representative body, the LSLA participates in a variety of wide-ranging consultations. Members of the LSLA Committee sit on such prestigious committees as the Civil Justice Council, the Civil Rule Committee, The Law Society Civil Litigation Committee, the Commercial Court Users Committee and the Supreme Court Costs Group, and has on many occasions been at the forefront of the process of change.

The Junior LSLA's relationship with the LSLA provides us with the opportunity to take part in such consultations and to represent the interests of junior litigators. As part of the LSLA, the Junior LSLA strives to ensure that the views and opinions of junior litigator are properly considered and are not overlooked.

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Junior LSLA Champions

As part of our drive to increase awareness of the Junior LSLA and the opportunities it can provide junior practitioners, we have established a group of Junior LSLA Champions; junior lawyers within firms practicing litigation in London.

Junior LSLA Champions act as the principal point of contact between the Junior LSLA and individuals within their respective firms, to promote membership of the LSLA and to raise awareness of Junior LSLA lectures and networking events.

A list of Junior LSLA Champions can be found here.

If you firm is not yet represented by a Champion and you would like to volunteer please get in touch with a member of the JLSLA committee