London Solicitors Litigation Association

Your LSLA Membership – overdue by 2 years

Dear Member,

Re: Your LSLA Membership

I note you have not paid your subscription for LSLA membership for the calendar years 2019 or 2020.

Clause 7(b) of the Association's constitution provides that "if a member shall have failed to pay his subscription within six months from the date when it became due, the … Membership Secretary … may send him a notice referring to the provisions of this clause and requiring him to pay the subscription within 7 days, and if the member shall then fail to pay the same, he shall cease to be a member upon the expiry of the period of 7 days".

The subscription for 2019 was requested in January 2019 (reminders were sent in March and July) and the subscription for 2020 was requested in January 2020 (reminders were sent in April and July).  It has been more than six months since both subscriptions were due.  Accordingly, this email is notice requiring payment of the outstanding subscriptions within seven days of the date of this email.

If you wish to remain a member of the LSLA, please pay your outstanding membership fees of £40 (2x £20) by visiting our website at within the next seven days (NB as a members' run organisation we are unable to issue invoices).  If we do not receive payment, we will assume that you do not wish to continue as a member and your membership shall cease.

Yours sincerely,

Ceri Morgan

Membership Secretary