London Solicitors Litigation Association

September 2018

Dear Member, 

Welcome to our latest newsletter sending you information about future events and reporting on some of our recent activities.  We are also calling on members and their colleagues to complete the online survey we sent to you recently to assist with our preparing submissions to future consultations.


As you will be aware, the LSLA is regularly consulted on proposals for civil justice reform. The feedback we provide by our formal responses, participation in judge-led working groups and LSLA debates, carries considerable weight. 

To assist our drafting submissions, we have recent distributed our Litigation Trends Survey, which is held in conjunction with the New Law Journal. 

Please give us just a few minutes of your time to complete this brief survey and encourage your litigator colleagues to do the same. We know from experience that LSLA members' views resulting from our surveys are widely reported and considered seriously by those driving civil litigation reform.  The survey may also be found at: 

The closing date for responses to the survey has been extended to Friday, 21 September 2018


LSLA Summer Party - 26 September 2018 

There are still some tickets available for the LSLA Summer Party at CloudM!. All members and their guests are invited. 

The cost of the tickets is £45 per person for LSLA members and £55 for non-members. 

Past events have proved very enjoyable; the ticket price includes a great selection of drinks and canapés. 

The event is sponsored by Opentext, NERA Economic Consulting, and Thomson Reuters Legal Managed Services, and also subsidised by the LSLA. 

Junior LSLA Autumn Seminars and Events

3 October 2018 - “Pro Bono in Practice: how litigators can give back” 

‘Pro bono’ is a term that covers a variety of voluntary legal work but the potential opportunities for litigators are rarely fully realised or understood. For many young lawyers, the prospect of using their legal training to give back to the community and the world at large is one of the biggest draws for studying law. However, when juggling a busy caseload it can be easy to lose sight of this and how pro bono work can further your professional and personal development. 

We are pleased to announce a panel of seasoned practitioners who each bring their own perspective on making the most of pro bono work. The speakers will discuss their experiences of working on challenging projects, the benefits and barriers associated with pro bono work, and provide guidance on how a litigator may best be able to ‘give back’. 

Fladgate LLP is hosting the evening and speakers are Clare Carter (Deputy Chief Executive, Access to Justice Foundation), Emmanuel Shepherd (Barrister, 3 Verulam Buildings), and Kerry Stares (Global Head of Legal at Thomson Reuters Foundation, TrustLaw). 

18 October 2018 – JLSLA Champions’ Event “You are the champions!”

This year’s exclusive Junior LSLA Champions’ Event is being held at TT Liquor in Shoreditch on Thursday 18 October 2018 to show our appreciation for JLSLA Champions’ support and introduce new Champions to the organisation.  The evening will include presentations from the LSLA and JLSLA, learning mixology techniques and preparing and tasting delicious cocktails.

If you are interested in attending the event, please contact the JLSLA Champion at your firm or the JLSLA President, Natalie Osafo at

21 November 2018 – Annual Dinner

Our annual black-tie dinner shall take place at the Law Society on Chancery Lane.  We are pleased to announce that Ian Forrester QC, judge at the General Court of the European Union and an expert in European Union Law, has agreed to speak at the dinner this year about Brexit. 

Further details for the above seminar and events are attached.  Please apply for tickets online at: If you are unable to apply online, please send a cheque payable to London Solicitors Litigation Association to Jo Davies, LSLA Events, 5 Quernmore Road, London, N4 4QU, along with a covering note with your firm’s contact details and a list of each attendee, including their name, email address, whether they are a member and any dietary requirements.

LSLA Autumn / Winter Lectures

Details of our autumn / winter lecture series will be announced shortly.


Junior LSLA Summer Party 2018 - 26 July 2018

The event (which was sponsored by Inventus) was a huge success, and very well attended by a large number of junior practitioners who enjoyed an evening of Italian cuisine at Enoteca da Luca.

Junior LSLA Autumn Seminar “Making your mark as a litigator: profile, networking and business development”- 13 September 2018

Our seminar on how junior litigators are able to build their profile, network with colleagues and clients, and win at business development was well received and successful.  Thank you to Stewarts who hosted the seminar and to the panel for their great insights. 


Ed Crosse (our immediate past President) and Caroline Field (a past President of the JLSLA) will be speaking at The Financial Institutions Litigation Conference which takes place in London on 18 October 2018. 

LSLA members may obtain a 20% discount on tickets. 

Further information can be found on the event website. Members ordering tickets should use the following discount code: FKW82823EMSPK 


 Several of our members have used the SFTS and with some success.  In order that we may provide informed and constructive feedback to the Court before the pilot ends later this year, we are inviting members to share their experiences.  If you have feedback please contact Georgina Squire at


The LSLA and members of its committee has recently received the following press coverage: 

On 20 September, Julian Acratopulo, Ed Crosse and David Greene are speaking at the CDR Autumn Litigation Symposium – see for further details. 


The JLSLA provides:

  • Seminars designed to offer practical tips on procedural and substantive legal issues commonly faced by junior civil litigators in an interactive and relaxed atmosphere;
  • Networking events for members to meet and form contacts in their peer group; and
  • E-news on recent and future activity and key developments with the aim of ensuring that the junior perspective is reflected in the LSLA's responses to consultation papers. 

The JLSLA is aimed at solicitors of 8 years PQE and less.  Members of the LSLA will automatically become members of the JLSLA if they qualify by year of admission and complete the relevant section of the membership form. 

The JLSLA also has firm Champions, who act as the point of contact between the JLSLA committee and their firm. 

If you are interested in joining the JLSLA or being the JLSLA Champion for your firm, please contact the JLSLA President, Natalie Osafo at

The JLSLA can also be contacted via their LinkedIn profile at


The LSLA is delighted to announce that the Association now has over 2,400 members, including 974 members of the JLSLA and 31 corporate member firms.  

Corporate membership can offer a real saving to firms.  Essentially, for £500 a firm with corporate membership can register an unlimited number of litigation solicitors working for it in London as members.  Please contact Chris Bushell at if you would like further information or to take out corporate membership.

Otherwise, you can join the LSLA by visiting our website at  If you are 8 years PQE or less you will automatically become a member of the JLSLA if you input your year of admission when completing your online membership application. 

Members are also welcome to join the LSLA LinkedIn group at


Some of our members say that they are, on occasion, not receiving email notifications for LSLA and Junior LSLA events. We have been advised that such notifications may sometimes be blocked by our members’ firm’s IT servers, which automatically quarantine emails received from, for example, “donotreply” email addresses.

Should you not be receiving our email notifications, we would advise you to contact your firm’s IT team and request that they “whitelist” both and


When making payments for membership and our events we would kindly request that you quote the correct data to identify the matter to which the payment relates. Incorrect identification often occurs where a firm’s accounts team makes a payment to the LSLA as an existing payee, using old order data rather than updating the payment instruction to include the new order number.

Updating payment data to correctly reference the event to which a payment relates would significantly ease the LSLA’s administrative burden. Thank you for your continued support and assistance.


Our website at includes: details of our forthcoming events, copies of the responses we have filed to recent consultations, recent articles and press citing members of the association, and past editions of the newsletter.

You can also join the LSLA via our website as well as sign up for future events on it.

We hope that our website will prove a source of information for members.  Please let us know if you have any comments on it.


The White Book refers to the LSLA maintaining details of individuals who might be able to act as supervising solicitors for the execution of Search Orders.  Our list continues to grow and is updated quarterly.  We invite those suitably qualified to provide us with their details, including relevant experience, for inclusion on the list.