London Solicitors Litigation Association

Newsletter - December 2020


Seasons Greeting to you all.  

Whilst we have adapted to the current circumstances, hopefully 2021 will see our being able to meet again.  

Congratulations to past LSLA President David Greene who has been elected President of the Law Society. David takes over from Simon Davies another former LSLA President.  You can see David’s inaugural speech at


Mentoring Programme

The LSLA is considering introducing a mentoring programme in 2021 to give our members an opportunity to connect and learn from the expertise and experiences of someone outside their firm. If you would be liked to be involved in the programme, either as a mentor, a mentee or both, please email to register your interest.

Lecture Series

We are putting together our next lecture series to take place remotely in the new year.  Further details shall be circulated when available.

Junior LSLA

The JLSLA has led the way with virtual seminars including:

  • “A practical guide to Expert Evidence: “Every expert was once a beginner”” in which the panellists shared helpful hints for dealing with expert evidence; and
  • “Pro-Bono – Giving Back to move Forward” a panel discussions introduced by The Rt Hon Michael Ellis QC MP which looked at how pro bono work has shaped careers, and it is is important. 

Annual NLJ/LSLA Survey

Our annual survey has just closed and we shall share the results shortly.  Members responded positively to the call to respond to our latest survey covering important issues including diversity; how Covid-19 and Brexit are set to impact the UK’s legal sector; the future of witness statements and the Disclosure Pilot Scheme; and where we go next with procedural reform.


Our pro-bono initiative continues.  Over the years the LSLA has made donations to many charitable organisations including those providing pro bono advice and assistance so we may seek to give back to the profession and encourage engagement.  

We are seeking to increase our involvement in this area and promoting opportunities to all our members such as by providing solicitor support for advocates offering pro bono representation, offering legal advice on matters involving human rights, assisting litigants in person and providing advisory work in fields such as corporate governance, intellectual property and employment.  To facilitate members’ involvement we have published a list of organisations with which we already have links and which offer pro bono advice and assistance so members may contact them, if they wish, to assist with their work.  The list and further details on our pro bono initiative are available on our website 

The list is not exhaustive.  If you have any suggestions for organisations you think should be included on the list please email so our committee may consider including it.


The LSLA sends representatives to both the Chancery and Commercial Court User Groups.  Both groups are keen to receive feedback on all aspects of the operation of the relevant courts.  If members have comments or concerns they are encouraged to pass them on to the LSLA representatives so that they can be raised at the next user group meeting.  This is an opportunity to raise issues directly with the judiciary and court administrator. 

For feedback on the Chancery Division Courts please contact: or

For feedback on the Commercial Court please contact:


Some of the LSLA and JSLSA committee members’ recent publicity includes:

Please remember to respect the publisher’s and writer’s copyright in the above articles. 


You can find out more about the association on our website at and our LinkedIn page at


The JLSLA provides: 

  • Seminars designed to offer practical tips on procedural and substantive legal issues commonly faced by junior civil litigators in an interactive and relaxed atmosphere; 
  • Networking events for members to meet and form contacts in their peer group; and
  • E-news on recent and future activity and key developments with the aim of ensuring that the junior perspective is reflected in the LSLA's responses to consultation papers.  

The JLSLA is aimed at solicitors of 8 years’ PQE and less.  Members of the LSLA will automatically become members of the JLSLA if they qualify by year of admission and complete the relevant section of the membership form.

The JLSLA also has firm Champions, who act as the point of contact between the JLSLA committee and their firm.

If you are interested in joining the JLSLA or being the JLSLA Champion for your firm, please contact the JLSLA President, Charlotte Hill at

Join the JLSLA LinkedIn page to receive updates on JLSLA events and initiatives:


The LSLA membership continues to grow and we now have nearly 3,200 members with over 1,400 members of the JLSLA and 40 corporate members.   

Corporate membership can offer a real saving to firms.  Essentially, for £500 a firm with corporate membership can register an unlimited number of litigation solicitors working for it in London as members.  Please contact Ceri Morgan at if you would like further information or to take out corporate membership.

Otherwise, you can join the LSLA by visiting our website at  If you are 8 years PQE or less you will automatically become a member of the JLSLA if you input your year of admission when completing your online membership application.


Some of our members say that they are, on occasion, not receiving email notifications for LSLA and Junior LSLA events. We have been advised that such notifications may sometimes be blocked by our members’ firm’s IT servers, which automatically quarantine emails received from, for example, “donotreply” email addresses. 

Should you not be receiving our email notifications, we would advise you to contact your firm’s IT team and request that they “whitelist” both and  


When making payments for membership and our events we would kindly request that you quote the correct data to identify the matter to which the payment relates. Incorrect identification often occurs where a firm’s accounts team makes a payment to the LSLA as an existing payee, using old order data rather than updating the payment instruction to include the new order number. 

Updating payment data to correctly reference the event to which a payment relates would significantly ease the LSLA’s administrative burden. Thank you for your continued support and assistance.


Our website at includes: details of our forthcoming events, copies of the responses we have filed to recent consultations, recent articles and press citing members of the association, and past editions of the newsletter.

You can also join the LSLA via our website as well as sign up for future events on it.

We hope that our website will prove a source of information for members.  Please let us know if you have any comments on it.


The White Book refers to the LSLA maintaining details of individuals who might be able to act as supervising solicitors for the execution of Search Orders.  Our list continues to grow and is updated quarterly.  We invite those suitably qualified to provide us with their details, including relevant experience, for inclusion on the list.