London Solicitors Litigation Association

May 2016

Dear Member,

Welcome to this month’s LSLA newsletter informing you of our future events and reporting on some of our recent activities.


Junior LSLA & Brick Court Poker Evening

The JLSLA held its second and equally successful Poker Evening on 19 April 2016.  The event provided members with, not just the opportunity to hone their poker playing skills, but the chance to get to know their peers and discuss matters of topical interest.


LSLA Spring/Summer Lecture Series 2016

The Lecture series has just been announced and includes the following:

  • 17 May 2016 - Courts and Litigation in 2016 and Beyond delivered by The Hon Mr Justice Birss and Ed Crosse

After the upheaval of the Jackson reforms in 2013, civil litigators might have been forgiven for thinking that there would be a period without further substantial changes, while things bedded down. However, with several pilot schemes of new procedures currently underway and wide-ranging proposals for further changes arising from the Interim Briggs Report, there seems to be no let-up in the pace of change. The Honourable Mr Justice Birss and Ed Crosse, President of the LSLA and Partner at Simmons & Simmons will be presenting on recent developments affecting the Rolls Building Courts.

The event will be held in the Auditorium at Simmons & Simmons, CityPoint, One Ropemaker Street, London EC2Y 9SS. 

  • 7 June 2016 - “What does a commercial litigator need to know about human rights?” by Jonathan Crow QC – 4 Stone Buildings 

Jonathan Crow QC will consider: How does the European Convention on Human Rights work on the international level? How does the Human Rights Act work on the domestic level? Which Convention rights are likely to be engaged in commercial litigation? How in practice are those rights likely to impact on commercial litigation?

The event will be held in the Auditorium at Hogan Lovells, Atlantic House, 50 Holborn Viaduct, London EC1A 2FG.

  • 21 June 2016 - “Is there no stopping contractual estoppel?” from Daniel Toledano QC – One Essex Court Chambers

The doctrine of contractual estoppel has been developed in the context of disputes arising from the financial crisis but is now being argued and applied in a far wider range of cases – should the law impose any limits and would this be consistent with the fundamental principle of freedom of contract?

The event will be held in the Auditorium at Herbert Smith Freehills, Exchange House, Primrose Street, London EC2A 2HS.

  • 6 July 2016 - “Recent Developments in Unjust Enrichment” by Laurence Rabinowitz QC – One Essex Court Chambers

Laurence Rabinowitz QC is generally recognised as one of the leading silks at the Bar. He will be talking about recent developments in the law of restitution following decisions of the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal in Menelaou, ITC and Littlewoods.

The event will be held in the Auditorium at Hogan Lovells, Atlantic House, 50 Holborn Viaduct, London EC1A 2FG.

Attendance at our events is not limited to LSLA members. Anyone can apply for tickets via the website or using the attached form.  Lectures count for CPD purposes (the CPD reference will be on the confirmatory email sent a few days before the lecture).

The cost is £20 per lecture for members and £25 for non-members.  Alternatively to attend all four lectures costs £70 (£90 for non-members).  Our lectures are often sold out, so please apply early for tickets.

Lectures begin at 6.00pm, will last approximately one hour (to include a period for questions at the end) and, as ever, will be followed by drinks with the speaker.

J LSLA Spring Seminar 2016 - 26 May 2016 - Building Your Business Case

Susana Cao Miranda (Goldman Sachs), Tom Cummins (Ashurst LLP), Jo Larbie (author of How to Make Partner and Still have a Life) and Matthew Solon (JSB) will be answering your questions about how to progress your career through effective networking and strategic career management to increase your prospects of successfully moving up the legal ladder. Regardless of the level you have reached in your career, there should be something of interest to you.

Please apply for tickets on-line at Alternatively, please complete the attached form and return it to the address indicated.

LSLA and JLSLA Summer Parties

Both these parties are currently being planned for late June/July.  Further details will follow shortly.


Shorter Trial’s Scheme

The first reported decision on the Shorter Trial’s scheme has now been handed down.  The decision confirms that the Court has the power to transfer cases into the scheme and sets out the criteria for doing so.  It also contains some useful commentary and guidance on how the Shorter Trials Scheme should operate in practice (see

Interim Report on the Structure of the Civil Courts

On 12 January 2016, Lord Justice Briggs published his Interim Report on the structure of the Civil Courts. The report addresses a number of areas, but those which are particularly relevant to LSLA members include the following:

  • A proposal to create and On Line court for claims up to £25,000 for litigants in person.
  • Transfer some of judges’ more routine and non-contentious work to Case Officers supervised by judges.
  • Whether the number of courts and divisions should be reduced to create a unified Civil Court.
  • Proposals relating to appeal rights and routes of appeal – in particular, whether we should remove or abrogate the automatic right to an oral permission hearing.
  • Proposals for a centralisation of enforcement under a unified service.

The LSLA has submitted a response to the consultation on behalf of our members. A copy of that response is may be found on our website. 

Lord Justice Brigg’s final report will be published in July and Briggs LJ has kindly agreed to speak at the LSLA Annual Dinner on 23 November 2016.


The LSLA is delighted to announce that the Association now has over 2000 members, including 751 members of the JLSLA and 20 corporate member firms.   

Corporate membership can offer a real saving to firms.  Essentially, for £500 a firm with corporate membership can register an unlimited number of litigation solicitors working for it in London as members.  Please contact Chris Bushell at if you would like further information or to take out corporate membership.

Otherwise, you can join the LSLA by visiting our website at  If you are 8 years PQE or less you will automatically become a member of the JLSLA if you input your year of admission when completing your online membership application.

Online Payments for LSLA Events

When making payments for membership and our events we would kindly request that you quote the correct data to identify the matter to which the payment relates. Incorrect identification often occurs where a firm’s accounts team makes a payment to the LSLA as an existing payee, using old order data rather than updating the payment instruction to include the new order number.

Updating payment data to correctly reference the event to which a payment relates would significantly ease the LSLA’s administrative burden. Thank you for your continued support and assistance.


The LSLA has received the following press coverage from March 2015 to date: 


Our website at includes: details of our forthcoming events, copies of the responses we have filed to recent consultations, recent articles and press citing members of the association, and past editions of the newsletter.

You can also join the LSLA via our website as well as sign up for future events on it.

We hope that our website will prove a source of information for members.  Please let us know if you have any comments on it. 


The White Book refers to the LSLA maintaining details of individuals who might be able to act as supervising solicitors for the execution of Search Orders.  Our list continues to grow and is updated quarterly.  We invite those suitably qualified to provide us with their details, including relevant experience, for inclusion on the list. 


The JLSLA provides:

  • Seminars designed to offer practical tips on procedural and substantive legal issues commonly faced by junior civil litigators in an interactive and relaxed atmosphere;
  • Networking events for members to meet and form contacts in their peer group; and
  • E-news on recent and future activity and key developments with the aim of ensuring that the junior perspective is reflected in the LSLA's responses to consultation papers. 

The JLSLA is aimed at solicitors of 8 years PQE and less.  Members of the LSLA will automatically become members of the JLSLA if they qualify by year of admission and complete the relevant section of the membership form. 

The JSLA also has firm Champions, who act as the point of contact between the JLSLA committee and their firm.

If you are interested in joining the JLSLA or being the JLSLA Champion for your firm, please contact the JLSLA President, Celina McGregor at

The JLSLA can also be contacted via their LinkedIn profile at