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July 2009

London Solicitors Litigation Association

Welcome to the latest LSLA newsletter in which you will find details of some of our most recent and future activities and issues which might affect you.  For more details please visit our website by clicking here.


Autumn Lecture Series

The Autumn Lecture Series is currently being put together. We will circulate details as soon as we are able.

LSLA Annual Dinner – 17 November 2009

Please make a diary note to keep 17 November 2009 free for our Annual Dinner.

New Members Welcome

The LSLA has an active membership and ever growing voice on issues concerning civil and commercial litigation. If any members of your firm would like to join the LSLA, they would be very welcome. Please contact Anna Pertoldi at

Legal News

Lord Justice Jackson’s Costs Review

As members will know, the hottest news at the moment is the recent publication of Lord Justice Jackson’s preliminary report into the costs of civil proceedings. A full copy of the substantial report can be found at 

The consultation period concluded on 31 July and there were public seminars held almost daily over the last week of July to provide feedback and facilitate discussion on the report.

The Civil Justice Committee prepared a list of the questions posed by Lord Justice Jackson. The LSLA has made submissions on behalf of its members.

The Mercantile and Technology and Construction Court in Birmingham have begun a trial of Lord Justice Jackson’s concept of “costs management” which emphasises the need to produce detailed costs estimates and to manage costs as a part of usual case management. We await reports as to the Court’s experiences.

Commercial Court Long Trials Working Party

Members will remember that some two years ago the Working Part was established to consider the management of complex and substantial litigation in the Commercial Court. As a result of the Working Party’s findings, the Commercial Court Guide has been revised and the amended Admiralty and Commercial Courts Guide was published in May 2009.

The recommendations of the Working Party underwent a trial in the Commercial Court, so many practitioners might well not notice any change in practice following amendment of the rules. However your attention is drawn to the amendments.

Practitioners might also not be aware of the Electronic Working Party Scheme which started on 1 April 2009 and runs initially until 31 March 2010, by which in the circumstances set out in the Practice Direction parties may use the arrangements to commence and take certain steps in proceedings in the Commercial Court (and some other Courts) electronically.

Recent Press

Committee Members of the LSLA and the LSLA itself have appeared in several recent articles including:

  • 28 July, Solicitors Journal, “Causing a Stir” by John Bramhall and Simon Hodgson